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Soccer Kixx Program

Soccer Kixx Program
This program is designed for the youngest children with little or no experience in soccer.
We run this instructional soccer clinic in a fun environment for children ages 3-7 years old.
Soccer Kixx winter session is starting on  
      Thursday, January 16th at
Discovery Sports Center
 in Germantown, MD

      Class 1: Age 3-5 years old: Thursday at 3:45 PM, 50 minutes
      Class 2: Age 6-7 years old: Thursday at 4:40 PM, 50 minutes
      7 classes for $77.00

Directions to Maryland Sport Center/Soccer Plex:
1. Take I-270 North towards Frederick
2. Take Exit 15B (Route 118-Germantown)
3. Stay on Rte 118 about 3 miles to Richter Farm Road
4. Turn Right on Richter Farm Road and go about 1 mile to Schaeffer Rd.
5. Turn left on Schaeffer Rd. The Discovery Sports Center/Soccer Plex entrance is on your right about 1/3 mile.

How to register:
Send in registration form and check payable to
Four Seasons Soccer, P. O. Box 13314, Silver Spring, MD 20911-3314

                                 Registration Form (please print and fill out the form)

Child's name __________________________________________________ Age________________
Parent's name   ________________________________________________
Address ______________________________City ____________________
Zip code ___________ Home Phone Number_________________________
Email address_________________________________________________
In case of emergency call_________________________________________

Sign up for... (circle one option)            class 1 (3:45-4:35)
                                                                 class 2  (4:40-6:30)

Please read, fill out and sign below;
I, _____________, understand that I am fully responsible for my child at Soccer
Kixx class and take full responsibility for his/her care, safety, and well being. The facility, coaches, director, owners, and affiliates of Soccer Kixx and Maryland Soccer Foundation, and Discovery Sports Center are held harmless if any accident or injury should occur.
Parent/Guardian Signature_______________________   Date____________

What to wear: sneakers, shin guards, play clothes
What to bring: water bottle filled with water only and a snack
Notice to Parents of 3 year olds: If your child is under 4 years of age one parent or
guardian must participate with the child until the coach feels he/she can manager
without extra assistance.